Temple Normanton Parish Council              

Minutes of meeting held at 1830 on 10 July 2023 at Grassmoor Community Centre




C Bender

R Davison (chair)


J Bender

K Pashley


J Cantrill



Also in attendance were District Cllr S Cornwell, Parish Clerk P Leppard and 2 members of the public.


23/043 Apologies for absence had been received from County Cllr J Woolley.


23/044 Variations of order of business Nil


23/045 Declarations of interest Cllr Davison declared an interest in the Planning application for Appletree Cottage, as a near neighbour.


23/046 Public participation A member of the public spoke about the Council’s website and Facebook page. District Cllr Cornwell commented on (a) the Parish Council’s decision to hold monthly meetings, (b) NEDDC trees on Church La, (c) a possible meeting with a developer re a site off Mansfield Rd, (d) concerns re the car-wash premises on Chesterfield Rd and (e) forthcoming events at Holmewood library.


23/047 Minutes of the meeting of 5 June It was proposed by Cllr Pashley, seconded by Cllr Cantrill and resolved that these be confirmed as a true and accurate record.


23/048  Standing Orders It was resolved that a revised set of Standing Orders circulated by the Clerk be adopted forthwith.


23/049   Vacant Council seats It was noted that NEDDC’s Notices seeking expressions of interest in a by-election would expire later this week. It was resolved that, if insufficient expressions of interest were received, the Clerk would then publish Notices seeking candidates for co-option as a councillor.


23/050  DCC Parish Council liaison forum, 18 Sep It was resolved that Cllrs Cantrill and Davison will attend.


23/051 Allotments It was resolved that:

·         Cllr C Bender will take a water-meter reading in the near future, for the Clerk to advise to WaterPlus.

·         The gate key-padlock will be replaced by a combination padlock from 1 August, and the Clerk will advise all tenants accordingly.

·         The charge per full plot (pro rata for other sizes) will be increased to £50p.a. from the 2024 renewal date; meanwhile 2023 renewals will be at the existing rate, but (in lieu of a rate increase which would otherwise have taken place this year) without any key deposits being refunded to plotholders. 

·         Cllr Pashley will arrange for 1 of the standpipes to have its wooden casing renewed, with minor repairs to the casings of the other 2 standpipes, at an expected total cost for the 3 of less than £180.

·         The recent repairs to the greenhouse have been a useful step forward; any further repairs will be considered if experience shows they are necessary.

·         The Clerk will circulate to councillors for consideration a possible alternative to the current tenants’ contract.

·         There needs to be a site-meeting to decide which plotholders will be asked to improve untidy plots.


23/052  Parish assets It was resolved that:

·         Cllr Davison will store the Council’s printer until required by the next Clerk.

·         The location now of the Council’s filing cabinet/cupboard purchased in 2020 needs to be established.

·         Quotations will be obtained for installing the public benches currently held in store.

·         The Clerk will contact ex-Cllr Wright re the future of the Council’s petrol strimmer.


23/053  Other public-spaces issues It was resolved that the Clerk will:

    a. research currently-available grants towards purchase of a defibrillator and apply accordingly, with a

    view to then purchasing one for installation on Mansfield Rd, near the play-park.

    b. circulate to councillors options for dog-control signage, to enable a decision on which to buy.

    c. arrange for a sign for the adult-gym equipment re age and height restrictions.

    d. obtain quotations for cutting of the Meadow.


23/054 DCC Rights of Way minor maintenance scheme It was resolved not to join this scheme at present.


23/055  Finance and accounts for payment It was resolved:

   a. that the Clerk will challenge NEDDC re who is responsible for ongoing costs of 2 of the dog-waste bins.

   b. to note the budget-monitoring position at the end of the 1st quarter of the financial year.

   c. to start to give some thought to the Council’s approach to setting its precept for 2024/25.

   d. to restart the HSBC process for updating Council bank signatories (reflecting recent councillor changes),

   the initial attempt having failed owing to HSBC providing the Council with the wrong form.

   e. to authorise the following payments (total £14,115.55):

·         Clerk – salary & expenses, Jun                                    £   251.21

·         HMRC – PAYE, 1st quarter                                            £   297.80

·         Broxap - gym equipment                                              £7,961.40

·         Broxap – equipment installation charge                 £2,636.40

·         J S Marriott - payroll processing, Apr-Jun               £      25.00

·         Spartan Gardening – vegetation management    £    300.00

·         WaterPlus – allotments water                                     £      13.75

·         Woolley Moor Nurseries – hanging baskets £2,400.00

·         Argos - laptop computer                                           £   229.99

f. to query an invoice for £782.14 from NEDDC for street cleansing


 23/056 Planning It was resolved that the Council had no comment on these applications:

·         23/00529/FL     Appletree Cottage, Mansfield Rd

·         23/00534/FLH  60, Mansfield Rd

·         23/00556/FLH  62, Mansfield Rd


23/057 Date of next Parish Council meeting This was confirmed as being on 14 August at 6.30pm.


23/058 Exclusion of press & public It was resolved that, in view of the confidential nature of the following item, the

press and public be excluded from the meeting in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act

1960, s1.


23/059 Staff recruitment It was resolved that the Locum Clerk will arrange to advertise the post of Clerk, at the

same salary and hours/wk as the previous occupant of the position.


Meeting closed at 2025.