Temple Normanton Parish Council

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting held on

5th June 2023

Minute No. 241



C Bender

B Neal


J Bender

K Pashley


J Cantrill

S Wright


R Davison (chair)



23/019    Receive apologies for absence – Clerk Dorothy Neale

23/020    Variations of Order of Business –  None

23/021    Declaration of Members’ Interests  - None

23/022    Public Forum – None

23/023    Determination of Public Exclusion – None


23/024   To confirm the Non-Confidential Minutes of the meetings held on 15th May 2023,

                both AGM & Bi-monthly (no.240), as a true and accurate record

                Resolved by CB/KP – The minutes were signed and dated by the Chairman.


23/025    Woodland behind the school and tree impending on school playground

                 SW has spoken with the school and they have referred it to Derbyshire County Council.

                 JC also spoke with the school regarding the broken fence backing on to the bypass.


23/026    Woodland Welfare Grant

                 CB/SW to discuss at forthcoming meeting and SW to submit plans.


23/027     Woodland mowing

SW has one quote and CB to get another quote.  Resolution was passed for whichever quote was for maximum of £250.00 by CB/JC.


23/028     Extra seating in Park

                  SW/CB to get quote two quotes for placing 3 benches in the park.


23/029     Laptop for new Clerk

                   CB to get two quotes. To pay annually for software and licence

                  Resolution passed by CB/KP.

                  Also to pick up the printer from DN.


23/030   Order camera signs

                JC got quote for £150.00 + VAT from                        

                Resolved by Cllrs KP/JC.  DN to send out invoice.


23/031   Signing of paperwork for bank account

                Signed by Chairman RD and Deputy Chairman KP.  Clerk DN to sign.


23/032 Bank account nos. for NS&I  

                 Information needed from DN.  Cllr SW to write to previous signatories to remove                                their names.  Three new signatories named – RD/KP/CB.


23/033 Collection of paperwork from Dorothy

                DN finishes as Clerk on 15th June.  To close books on 14th June.  RD/KP to complete.


23/034   Filing cabinet – none to collect.


23/035 Keys to be labelled for allotment/noticeboard

                 To be collected from DN on 14th June.


23/036 Greenhouse glass

                 Rescind previous minutes regarding demolishing greenhouse and instead to replace glass.

Grassmoor Glass has quoted cheapest price at £151.20 inc. VAT.  Passed by RD/CB.  DN to action.


23/037 Tap replacement

                CB replaced tap and carried out work. Resolution passed by KP/RD.  CB to be reimbursed.


23/028 Standpipe covers

                JC to get quote for metal covers.  KP to get quote for wood covers.


23/039 Gate lock for allotments

                Changing of lock proposed by CB/KP.  Combination lock to be purchased and council to give

                allotment holders the combination. Allotment holders to get their money back for the keys

                or to be taken off next year’s rent.


23/040  Any other Business

               JC/CB met with allotment-holder regarding green waste on his plot. He has agreed to

                 cultivate part of the plot, in line with allotment policy.  Proposed by RD/CB and resolved.


23/041 Website

                 G O’Brien has offered to continue with website, providing support and hosting the site.

                Proposed by CB/KP. 


 23/042  Parish Council meeting to be held on monthly basis

                Proposed and agreed by JC/KP.


Meeting closed at 1950.