Temple Normanton Parish Council

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting Held

6:30pm 20th March 2023

Grassmoor Community Centre

Minute No 239


Receive apologies for absence
Cllr J Bender


Variation of Order of Business

22/094 Declaration of Members Interest

Public Forum - 4 Attendees
01 - Shedding tree with a protection order – out come for the resident to write to Planning at NEDDC they should contact the owner with a view to sorting the problem.

02 - SIDs resident did not attend.

03 - School parking problems – Suggestion from residents to pursue usage of green area on the corner of Mansfield Road and Springwood street-to over come parking problems at school which in turn causes the residents to suffer. Out come Cllr Cornwell to make first contact with NEDDC on behave of TNPC to move forward.

04 - Langham park -- Co director of the park seeking backing for help to change planning restrictions. TNPC will consider after contact with residents at Corbriggs.


Councillors NEDDC & DCC
01 --
NEDDC – Cllr. Cornwell, Full Fibre has come to TNPC.. Attended a meeting regarding MXG site.
Traffic problems around our area!! NEDDC lost out on Leveling up Funding..

02 -- DCC Cllr. JW – Had to leave @ 6:55pm notes sent for minutes 21/3/23 Arranging a meeting with Cabinet member for Education re the public forum discussion. Enabling some funding for Temple Normanton School and Church for the coronation celebrations. Progress with the SIDs if some PR would help can contract PCC for a site visit when ready.
Attended a meeting at MXG site.


Public Exclusion:-
Residents left at this point.

22/098 To confirm the Non Confidential Minutes from the meetings of 9th January (no 238) as an accurate record.
Resolved: The minutes were agreed by all, then signed and dated by the chairman.
 22/099 Matters arising:-
 22/100 Allotments:

01 -
To accept estimate for replacement gate and fitting: Resolved all agreed and Cllr JC to arrange fitting
02 - Cllrs CB + KP to make repair to latch on entrance gate.
03 -
4 New gate keys purchased – price increased . Deposit for a key increased to £30 to cover cost.
04 -
2 New allotment tenants signed up.
05 -
Due to break-in the PC has changed it’s policy on wild life cameras on plots. Contract to be amended. Resolved: Any tenant wishing to site a wild life camera may do so after requesting permission from the PC. BUT must cover only their own plot and NOT infringe on any other plot what so ever. The penalty, permission would be rescinded and the camera would have to be removed immediately.
06 -
Perimeter fence badly damaged. Gathering estimates for repairs. 17 posts down of which 14 broken.
07 -
Report has been received a plot holder is using his plot contrary to the regulation he signed. Resolved: Cllrs CB+ KP looking into it and report back with findings.
22/101 Planning:
All planning application on the Agenda gone through – no comment made.
22/102 Chair’s Report
01 -
“Awards for All” Grant application submitted 19th March 2023 with all sundry details.
02 -
Allotment fence grant. Existing quotations need updating to make the application to Severn Trent Water..
03 -
Grant application completed to NEDDC for outside Gym equipment submitted 11/01/2023
04 -
Re park seating- Three Seats already in TNPC store ready to place in the park.
22/103 Environment
01 -
To accept Cllr CB report on play equipment in the park. Resolved: To thank and except his report. Some areas requiring painting in the near future deferred, until better weather.
02 -
Fencing on bypass broken down see: Reported again ref FS-497572034
03 -
Floral displays all ordered. 2 Posts changed due to SIDs.
04/05/06/07 -
Waiting out come from Grant application.
09 -
Details of snow warden scheme for schools give to chair for next meeting at the school.
10 - 20s plenty -- A none starter
11 -
Permission granted by all to order a second sign for the play area. “Only Children under 12yrs”

Clerk's report - Finance All Payments made: 9th January 2023 to 6th March 2023

DD WaterPlus January 13.32   13.32
Auto HSBC Bank Charges January 8.00   8.00
DC Clerk Salary January 2023 266.20    266.20
DC NEDDC Dog Bins July-September 149.76  29.95  179.71
DC Clerk New Allotment Keys   91.40 18.28 109.68
DD WaterPlus February 13.32   13.32
Auto HSBC Bank Charges February 10.67   10.67
DC Room Hire May 2022 82.50   82.50
DC Room Hire January 2023 30.00   30.00
DC Clerk Salary February 2023 266.40   266.40
DC Stationery Account Book   18.70 3.75 22.45
DC MED Bus Shelter Cleaning   90.00   90.00
DC WaterPlus March 14.31   14.31
DC NEDDC Dog Bins October-December 138.24 27.65 165.89
101522 Room Hire   80.00   80.00
 ====== ========================= ==================== ========= =========  ==========
     Grand Total: 1,272.80 79.63


Monies received January 2023 to March 2023

New allotment Tennant (2)  40.50
Retainer (2)  70.00
Gate key (2) 50.00
NS & Invest. Interest 5.91
Total: 166.41

VAT waiting reclaim: 603.68

22/105 Clerk’s Report - Correspondence
01 - Out going – All emails etc. answered. When needed all information received from DALC passed to Councillors. Neighborhood Watch “Alert Notice “circulated to the listed residents..
02 - Income emails: All dealt with.
03 - Elections please make an appointment to take your nomination papers in to NEDDC.
Submission starts 27th March and will close at 4:00pm 4th April the telephone number 01246 217058 Please note the closing date
22/106 DALC
01 -
No comments
22/107 Councilors issues:
New road signage ready to be positioned on the bypass at the next work slot.
22/108 The next Bi Monthly meeting will be held on Monday 8th May 2023 (minute 240)
Grassmoor Community Centre Time 6:30 pm

The Annual General Meeting
will take place prior to the Bi monthly. Commencing 6:00 pm
Any items for the Agenda please forward by 23rd April 2023
Meeting finished at 8:30pm