Temple Normanton Parish Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Temple Normanton Parish Council held at 6.30pm on Monday 4th March 2024 in Grassmoor Community Centre, New Street, Grassmoor, S42 5EE.

Present: Cllr C Bender, Cllr J Bender, Cllr J Cantrill, Cllr J Davison, Cllr R Davison (Chairman), Cllr K Pashley, Cllr A Wood and Kimberley Walker (Clerk).

148/23 To receive apologies for absence. None.

149/23 To receive any declarations of interest from Members. None.

150/23 Recording and Filming of Council and Committee Meetings. 

The Chairman read out the Councils Social Media Policy statement.

151/23 Public Participation. None.

152/23 To consider any items which should be taken in exclusion of the press and public.

If the Council decides to exclude the press and public it will be necessary to pass a resolution in the following terms: “That in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, to consider a resolution to exclude the Press and Public from the meeting in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, s1, in order to discuss the item.” A reason must be stated.

153/23 To agree any variations of order of business. None

154/23 To read and consider the Minutes of the Meeting of Temple Normanton Parish Council held on Monday 8th January 2024. 

It was RESOLVED that the minutes were approved. 

155/23 To read and consider the Minutes of the Meeting of Temple Normanton Parish Council held on Monday 5th February 2024.

It was RESOLVED that the minutes were approved. 

156/23 To receive and consider additional agenda items in the order in which they have been notified:

a) To consider flooding report and suggested failure of Derbyshire County Council to clear watercourse. Council RESOLVED for the Clerk to write to Derbyshire County Council to clean drains and gullies in Corbriggs. 

b) To consider North East Derbyshire District Council Chairs charity appeal. Council RESOLVED to donated £100.00.

c) To consider further quotations for cutting the woodland perimeter path. Council RESOLVED not to proceed with works at this time.

d) To consider Welfare facility grant applications. Council RESOLVED for Cllr C Bender to investigate further with grants with Severn Trent and the Clerk to apply for National Lottery Grant. 

e) To consider Derbyshire ALC membership. Council RESOLVED to approve non enhanced membership.

f) To receive an update on the Defibrillator. Council RESOLVED to accept offer od free defibrillator from the school and to purchase cabinet to house at a cost of £495.0.

g) To ratify costs for replacement of allotment fence due to wind damage. Council RESOLVED to retrospectively approve repairs cost of £214.84.

145/23 To ratify the signing of orders for payment. 

a) To authorise accounts for payment:

Clerk’s Salary - £256.40

Clerks Expenses - £61.30

N T Killingley - £960.00

Derbyshire County Council - £105.00

Grassmoor Community Centre - £22.50

Waterplus - £20.75

b) Latest bank account balances:

HSBC -    £20,576.36 (25/02/24)

NS&I -    £6,355.58 (31/12/22)

The Council NOTED the accounts.

c) To approve Clerks expenses/allowance Jan-Mar 24 £118.55

Council RESOLVED to approve Clerks expenses/allowance.

146/23 To consider Planning Applications. None received.

147/23 Date of next meeting: Ordinary Parish Council Meeting Monday 22nd April 2024. 

The meeting closed at 19:45