Temple Normanton Parish Council

Clerk / RFO: Dorothy Neal (01246 850042)

Minutes of the Meeting Held

6:30pm 8th November 2021

Grassmoor Community Centre

Minute No 229

  S Wright Chair / Councillor
  B Neal Councillor
  J Cantrell Councillor
  C Bender Councillor
  J Bender Councillor
  K Pashley Councillor (from **)
  J Woolley Councillor (DCC)
  Residents Two local residents in attendance
  D Neal Clerk



21/055 Apologies for absence received:- Cllrs S Cornwell (NEDDC)


21/056 Variation of “Order of Business”:- None


21/057 Declaration of Members Interest:- Cllr. B Neal(Clerk Salary)


21/058 Public Forum:- 

A local resident suggested for the Jubilee Year planting an oak or similar tree to commemorate the event and offered to fully cover the costings.  The parish council gave a large thank you and accepted the offer.


21/059 Councillors NEDDC & DCC:-

01 - Cllr. For DCC:  All issue raised has had a response via and circulated to all councillors plus face to face visit re Church Lane.
02 - NEDDC: None in attendance. 


21/060 Exclusion of public. All public excluded at this point


21/061 Parish Council Co-option:

01 - Welcome to S Kerry for his first meeting from his co-option voted on July.

02 ** -  The PC received an application to be considered for the remaining vacant seat, from Mr K Pashley. All criteria met, application forms signed full agreement by members Cllr K Pashley joined the meeting.


21/062 Payments made since last meeting: 6th September - 7th November 2021


  Item Sub VAT Totals
101495 Clerk Stationery 25.83 5.17 31.00
On-Line NEDDC dog bins Apr-Jun '21  146.25 29.25 175.50
101496 Gate key refund  20.00    20.00
101497 Gate key refund  20.00    20.00
101498 JS Marriott & Co. PAYE  15.00    15.00
101499 Clerk salary Sept '21  230.80   230.80
101500 HMRC July-Sept '21 173.00   173.00
101501 Grassmoor C.C. Room hire  30.00    30.00
101502 M.E.D. Bus shelter cleaning  90.00   90.00
101503 Gate key refund D Clark  20.00   20.00
101504 DJ Neal October Salary 230.80   230.80
101505 Cllr Bender Expenses 5.33 1.07 6.40
   Total:   1,007.01
 35.49  1,042.50


Monies Received from 7th September 2020 to 31st March 2021

Allotment Rents 787.50  
Gate key deposit 40.00  
NEDDC Precept 7,100.00  
VAT Refund 906.20  
New rent 17.50  
Total: £8,851.20  
VAT waiting reclaim


21/063 Planning: None

21/064 Allotments:

01 - Two vacant plots

02 - Annual rent collection completed and banked.
03 - Fencing alignment on plot 11 completed

21/065 To confirm the Non Confidential Minutes No 228 from September 2021. Proposed BN Seconded SK

Resolved; With full agreement, the minutes were signed and dated by the chairman.


21/066 Matter Arising:

01 - The outcome from the infestation is working well. NEDDC has not fully signed off and will follow any further outbreaks with vigor


21/067 Chair's Report:

01 - Clerk's Annual salary increase –   Agreed to make payment on current scale, and adjust payment accordingly when the National Joint Council has agreed the offer.

02 - Grass verges cut 5th September. 9th October & 8th November.
03 - Woodland Area,  grass cut still not booked.
04 - DCC has now cut the bridle-path 20th September.
05 - The chairman reported 14 blocked gullies 14th September;   Ref. no. F852192    
06 - 28th September Church Lane & Birkin Lane cleared.      
07 - 13th October blocked gullies reported in Corbriggs..       
08 - 26th October hedge – Chesterfield Road to Birkin Lane reported.   ref. no. F864553    
09 - The hedges around the allotments has put on a lot of growth: Costings from SS required.
10 - Request for volunteers to help weed & tidy up community gardens. SEE chairman after the meeting.
11 - Remembrance Sunday service at the parish cenotaph 11:00am
12 - Notice board garden removal. Immediate neighbor would be pleased to take the stone SS to arrange the removal.


21/068 Environment

01 - Remembrance poppies to be removed before the end of the month: Resolved to remove w/c 22nd November
02 - Annual Play Park inspection report:  Requires monitoring of the wet pour, corrosion beneath swingseat of nuts & bolts.
03 - Christmas decorations for the lamp posts.  No budget was made for Christmas decoration in the 2021/22 precept and the clerk envisages an over spend on the precept this year before adding this expense. Together with the fact that all members have agreed a precept for 2022/23 which will be another bite into the PC reserves. It is not a justified (further) reserve expense. Plus to find a supplier that can full fill an order of Christmas solar light trees for lamp posts will be a task.
04 - Fly tipping reported to NEDDC was forward on to DCC to clear which was action in days.
05 - Church lane – meeting with DCC on site to discuss the way forward.
06 - Snow warden scheme: Volunteers Cllrs. CB, JB,  SK  (Retracted later) No participation with the scheme.
07 - Corbriggs damaged bus shelter – Resolved to demolish DCC have declared it unsafe.


21/069 Clerk's report - Correspondence

01 - Out going – All emails etc. answered. When needed information passed to Councillors. Neighborhood Watch circulars circulated.
02 - Income emails: All dealt with.
03 - Direct payments working
04 - All concillors acknowledged the new code of conduct. Resolved to adopt into TNPC constitution.
05 - Parish risk assessment: Resolved: All agreed the contents with no additions or amendments the chairman then signed the document.


21/070 DALC

01 - News, letters and circulars etc: All emailed to councilors


21/071 Coucillors issues:

01 None


21/072 The next meeting will be held on Monday 10th January 2022 to take place at Grassmoor Community Centre. Time 6:30pm
Any items for the agenda please forward by 29th December 2021.


21/073 The meeting close at 8:40 pm