Temple Normanton Parish Council

Clerk / RFO: Dorothy Neal (01246 850042)


Annual Parish Meeting - Monday 24th May 2021 - 7:00pm


  S Wright Chair / Councillor
  B Neal Councillor
  C Bender Councillor
  J Bender Councillor
  D Neal Clerk

01 – Apologies:  Cllr.  P Brown, Cllr. S Kerry

02 (a)  Election of Chair & Vice-Chair:
     Stephen J. Wright stood down as Acting Chair.
     Cllr. B Neal nominated Cllr S J Wright, it was seconded by Cllr C Bender. The re-election of Cllr. Stephen J. Wright as the Chair was carried unanimously by the council under Minute Number AGM2021.02a

02 (b)  Election of Vice Chair:
     Cllr S Wright nominated Cllr B Neal, it was seconded by Cllr J Bender The re-election of Cllr B Neal as Vice-chair  was carried unanimously by the council under Minute Number AGM2021.02b

03 – Annual Report for the Parish Council by the chairman:
Despite the difficult year we have all been through due to the pandemic covid19 the PC has continued to serve its parishioners to the best of our ability. Meetings have been held and business conducted all in line with the covid restrictions in place.
          Woodland area,
          General maintenance has been carried out with three grass cuts last year. A further seat has been placed. The meadow area has been cut to encourage wild flowers to grow.
          Looking to the future we are hoping to make the woodland area more accessible to more people but further work is needed.
          Much work has been carried out and we hope to continue. We have a new team bringing
          further ideas to the fore.
          Play Park
          Sadly this has been closed throughout the pandemic, but hope to open it soon when the necessary cleaning of the equipment has been carried out. We thank people for their patience as the parish Council do have a responsibility to keep EVERYONE SAFE.    
          Grass Verges
          Our contractor has been able to maintain the high standard of maintenance throughout.       
          Hanging Baskets
          These provide a much needed ans appreciated splash of colour throughout the summer
          Parish  Signs
          After five years of work the project has finally been completed. There are five “WELCOME “signs erected around the parish and we have received many positive comments. BUT sad to say one has been vandalised already at a cost to the Parish Council as it was beyond repair.    
          Parish Gardens     
          After some general maintenance they have come into their own and add colour and incest and brighten up our environment.        

Thank You to Councillors Anne Marie Cain and David Smith for their great contribution to the work of the Parish Council given in recent years. Welcome Councillors Carl and Judith Bender and Councillor Steve Kerry to the team and we look forward to working together for the good and well being of the residents of Temple Normanton and Corbriggs.
 The Chairman’s School Governor’s Report:

The Academy fully opened on 8th March 2021.
Total on Role 102   2019/20
Boys   58     Girls   44
Total on Role   107   2020/21
Boys  57       Girls 45
Attendance   target   97%
Attendance average  97.2%  
Academy target from 91.8%  to   100%  in year 5
Events.  A Social distance raffle raised £201.00 for PTA funds
Governor Training undertaken during the academic year.
Guidance on Governor virtual visits .. The Governor Role.
Ensuring high quality provision for pupils with Special needs.
Evaluation of Governor training.
OFSTED Framework-securing excellent behaviours, and attitudes.
The Chair appointed to serve a further 4 years as a school Governor agreed in the meeting on the 5th July 2020 

04 – Consider Annual Accounts for Approval:
Accounts and Audit regulations 2015, regulation 12(1)

(a) Payments and receipts of the Annual Accounts presented for acceptance:
Resolved:  The Accounts were accepted as a true record for 2020/21 and Approved by all councillors present.
(b) Internal Audit report read out for consideration as a good level of competence shown.
Resolved:  Consideration given and accepted by all councillors present.
(c)  Approval of the Certificate Exemption as gross income or expenditure did not exceed £25,000
Resolved: The Certificate of Exemption was approved, signed and dated by the chairman.   

05 – Approval of the Annual Governance Statement:

(a)  Annual Government Statement considered for approval by all members present;
Resolved:  Annual Government Statement Approved  by all councillors present.
(b)  Approve the Annual Government Statement by resolution:
Resolved: This resolution gives full approval of the Annual Governance Statement by        all members of the council present.
(c)  Document to be signed and dated by the chair upon approval of members as a whole.
Resolved: The Chair signed and dated the Annual Governance Statement after approval     from all council members present.

 06 – Certify the Accounting Statement on the Annual return:

(a)  Consider the accounting Statement for approval:
Resolved: Due consideration was given to the Accounting Statement and approved by all councillors present.
(b)  Approve the Annual Accounting Statement by resolution:
Resolved:  Approval of the Accounting Statement was given by all councillors present by resolution.
(c)  Document to signed and dated by the Chair upon approval of members as a whole.
Resolved: The Chair signed and dated the Accounting Statement with approval from all councillors present.

07- Approve revised asset Register

Approval for the revised Asset Register:
Resolved: The Asset Register updating was approved for acceptance by all councillors            present and signed by the chairman.   

08 – Parishioners Questions:  None        

Next Annual General Meeting: May    2022                    


                           The meeting closed at 7.55 PM