Temple Normanton Parish Council

Clerk / RFO: Dorothy Neal (01246 850042)

Minutes of the Chairman Special Meeting Held

21st May 2021

Minute No 225.9

  S Wright Chair / Councillor
  B Neal Councillor
  P Brown Councillor
  D Neal Clerk
  C Bender  Resident
  J Bender  Resident
  S Kerry  Resident



The single item on the agenda was to vote on the applications received to fill vacant positions on the Parish Council. 

The applications had all been screened and had fulfilled the criteria.

The meeting commencement at 3:00pm with an opening from the chairman with the reasoning for the special meeting.

The chairman proceeded with a proposal to the meeting to accept the applications to fill the vacant positions within the Parish Council from the three candidates as Co-Opt members.


It was was put to the coucillors in attendance to vote on.

Resolved:  All councillors in attendance voted to accept the three applicants and welcomed them to the Parish Council.  


The Clerk gave some notes to each new member for insight to the workings of a Parish Council along with the forms that must be completed.