Temple Normanton Parish Council

Clerk / RFO: Dorothy Neal (01246 850042)

Minutes of the Meeting Held

2:00pm 15th October 2020

The Allotment Site

Minute No 225

  S Wright Chair / Councillor
  B Neal Councillor
  A.M. Cain Councillor
  D Neal Clerk
  Contractor  Guests



20/035 The members took the contractor around the area of the allotments that requires maintenance. Discussions took place for a way forward.

Resolved: Estimates requested for the work required.


20/036 The Clerk put to the meeting the estimates for 2021/22 precept requested in readiness for NEDDC January 2021 as the corvid19 virus is again increasing around the area and some form of Lock-Down does seem to be very close.:-

Resolved:  All members present agreed after a lengthy discussion to excepted the proposed Precept for the forthcoming financial year. 2021/22


20/037 The Clerk made a request that if lock-Down is again put on us that the articles that the Parish Council agreed  in March be re-established. ( Chairman & Vice Chairman to run tick over.)

Resolved: The members present agreed the request was forward thinking and would be put in to action if a lock-down came into force before the next meeting due in November.


20/038 Coucillors issues:



20/039 The meeting close at 3:00 pm