Temple Normanton Parish Council

Clerk / RFO: Dorothy Neal (01246 850042)

Minutes of the Meeting Held

6:00pm 7th September 2020

Holmewood Cricket Pavilion

Minute No 224

  S Wright Chair / Councillor
  B Neal Councillor
  A.M. Cain Councillor
  N Barker DCC Councillor
  D Neal Clerk
  TNPC IT Administrator Guest
  4 x Residents Guests



20/017 Apologies for absence received:- Cllrs P Brown (in lock down) NEDDC Cllr S Cornwall

  Resignations (Written by email) received from Cllr R Hubbuck, Cllr. S Hubbuck, Cllr. D Smith


  Resolved: All apologies and resignations accepted.



20/018 Variation of “Order of Business”:- None


20/019 Declaration of Members Interest:- Cllr B Neal against item 20/


20/020 Public Forum:- 2 residents for public speaking.

  First resident – letter given to the PC regarding problem between tenants on the allotments.

  PC resolved to meet with the two tenants for discussion and closure at a date to be arranged.

  Second tenant made a request for 5 more chickens and 2 ducks

  PC gave permission for the chickens as it will bring them up to the permitted amount, but

  does not give permission for the ducks. See item of new tenancy agreement for allotments

  from October 2020



20/021 Councillors NEDDC & DCC

  01 Cllr for NEDDC not in attendance

  02 Cllr for DCC – Nothing to report


20/022 Exclusion of public. All public excluded..


20/023 Planning:

  All planning items gone through as per Agenda – No comments to report.



20/024 Allotments:

  01 Approval of allotment contract: Resolved – Final amendment, no carpets covering for suppression

  of weeds, no ducks allowed No food to be spread on the ground for live stock in there pens. All food

  to kept in sealed containers to deter wild life.

  02 Insurance re volunteers; Resolved To revisit item in the spring .

  03 Future use of compost toilet – Resolved to leave until November meeting.

  04 Meeting with the tenants regarding mediation. Resolved arranged tor Saturday 12th.

  05 Allotment break in tenant gave crime number to record it wit the PC.

  06 Date and venue for rent collection. Resolved collection to take place at Holmewood cricket pavilion

  26th September between 2:30 to 4:30 All tenants to be notified by Cllr AMC.

  07 Request received for tenant on plot 21 for 8x6 shed and 6 chickens. Resolved all agreed.

  08 Request for a letter to be sent on behalf of the PC to a tenant to move the gate position to

  the original site boundary as agreed by the 26th September2020 :- Resolved: Clerk to action.


20/025 To confirm the Non Confidential Minutes No 223 from 6th July 2020 being accurate


  Resolved; Proposed by Cllr BN seconded by Cllr AMC.


20/026 Matter Arising: None


20/027 Chair's Report:

  01 National Salary awards for April 2020 have now been agreed for:.

  Resolved: To make the necessary adjustment to the clerks pay award from April 2020

  02 Grass verges cut plus Woodland Area 7th August.

  03 To request an estimates for cutting the boundary hedge aside the curb from JK:

  Resolved : All agreed for the chairman to go ahead.

  04 Fly tipping 16th August outside the allotment gate (many thanks to Cllrs' AMC family for removal)

  Tarmac type waste left under the bridge on Postmans lane – Reported to the Police and NEDDC.

  05 Concern was raised about chickens without food and water.,with the an allotment tenant.

  06 NEDDC Community grant scheme £500 grant

  Cllr SW and AMC met re woodland area development, to plant a wider variety of bulbs, Willow

  tunnel and Arbour at a cost of £256.00.

  Cost for mowing the wild meadow area, removal of dead trees and thinning where necessary JK to

  give an estimate and to include fixing of six garden seats through the Tesco bags grant.

  07 To apply to Awards for All for a grant Re- secure fence for allotments and

  development of the play park for additional play equipment, possible skate park.

  Resolved : To meet 12th September to view Grassmoor and Hasland parks for ideas.


20/028 Environment

  01 New web site coming in for 23rd September. – Resolved : On target – Accessibility statement use

  copy on DALC. To mark the minutes DRAFT until signed at the next meeting. Auto direct emails

  received on the TNPC website to the clerks email address.

  02 Annual play park inspection: Still outstanding

  03/05 Play park reopening; Resolved when the report completed and any problems resolved arrange a

  steam clean from MED before declaring the park open.

  04 The crown lift within the play park is still on the to do list at NEDDC but will not be actioned until the

  autumn due to birds nesting.

  06 The hanging basket at Corbriggs to change position from Railway cottages (tree overhang) to Junuction

  with Mansfield Road above the village sign..

  07 Trail camera for fly tipping: Resolved, to discuss again in January2021


20/029 Clerk's report - Correspondence

  01 Out going --NEDDC several departments, Insurance company Zurich, DCC, DALC,

  Email Councillors to keep them in the loop, Neighborhood Watch circulars circulated.

  02 Income emails: Zoom notes , circulars, planning lists etc.

  03 On going with Waterplus vat charges.


20/030 Clerk's Finance report


  Payments made since last meeting:- 6th July 2020


  Item Sub VAT Totals
101423  M.E.D Bus shelter cleaning  90.00 0.00 90.00
101424 G O'Brien - Domain name renewal 47.96 9.59 57.55
101425 G O'Brien - Test Template new site 69.47 0.00 69.47
101426 Woolley moor Nurseries 1,920.00 384.00 2,304.00
101427 D J Neal Salary July 236.80 0.00 236.80
   DD Waterplus ( refund 6.99 Charged VAT 7.67)   31.37  7.67 39.04 
101428  Clerk Expenses  53.00  10.60  63.60
101429  Clerk Salary August 2020  223.20  0.00 223.20 
 101430  Civic Pride Lamp post testing   136.00 27.20 163.20 
   Total:  2,807.80   439.06 3,246.86 


  Monies Received from – 6th July 2020

VAT 725.47 April - June
New Allotment Rent 6.25  
Gate Keys Deposit 80.00  
Total: £811.72  
VAT Claim £439.06  

20/031 DALC

  01 All circulars and updates have been circulate.


20/032 Coucillors issues:

  01 Cllr AMC:- resident from Mansfield road concerned about speed of traffic.


  02 Notice board garden requires removing causing problems opening to update the board.

  Cllr BN & resident via Cllr AMC


20/033 The next meeting will be held on Monday 2nd November 2020 at 6:00pm venue to be announced.


20/034 The meeting close at 9:15 pm