Temple Normanton Parish Council

Clerk / RFO: Dorothy Neal (01246 850042)

Minutes of the Meeting Held

6:00pm 6th July 2020

The Garden at 261 Chesterfield Road

Minute No 223

  S Wright Chair / Councillor
  B Neal Councillor
  D Smith Councillor
  A.M. Cain Councillor
  D Neal Clerk
  TNPC IT Administrator Guest

20/001 Receive Apologies for Absence:

Apologies for absence received:- Cllrs P Brown (in lock down until 1st August due to pandemic)

20/002 Variation of ‘Order of Business':

To move item 20/012 to first item on the agenda after Public Forum.

20/003 Declaration of Members Interest:

Cllr B Neal against item 20/009-01

20/004 Public Forum


20/005 Determination of Public Exclusion:


20/012 Finance Report 2019/2020

012 - 01 2019/20 year end figures to go through: Accepted as correct
012 - 02 Internal Audit report for 2019/20 read out by the chairman:  Resolved:  Accepted by all.
012 - 03 AGAR for Approval of Section 1 -- Annual Governance Statement Resolved: Agreed by all and signed by the chairman.
012 - 04 AGAR for Approval of Section 2 – Accounting section Resolved: Agreed by all and signed by the chairman.
012 - 05 AGAR Certificate of Exemption Resolved: Agreed by all and signed by the chairman.
012 - 06 Monies received: since the last meeting March 2020 Please see attached document
012 - 07 Payments made since the last meeting March 2020 Please see attached document
012 - 08 VAT reclaimed 1st April - 30th June 2020 £725.47 Please see attached document
012 - 09 TNPC account Balance Please see attached document

20/006 Allotments:

006 - 01 - Allotment rent from October: Resolved: NOT to increase the rent for 2020/21 agreed by all Cllrs present.
006 - 02 - New allotment rent contract to come into force from  1st October 2020: The contract was gone through by all present, amendments were made. New draft To be presented for the next meeting,  full acceptance to sign  off ready for 1st October.  ( New rent Year)
006 - 03 - Insurance company’s guidance for TNPC regarding volunteers help for clean-up around the allotments and wild life area. Resolved; Clerk to request further clarification.
006 - 04 - Purchase of 6 gate keys for new tenants: Resolved: New gate keys issued.
006 - 05 - Future use of compost toilet. Resolved: To investigate ways to remove as soon as possible. Due to the unsanitary state it's in.
006 - 06 - Request made to shooter rabbits: Resolved: Request turned down.
006 - 07 - Requests made for sheds, ploy tunnel etc. Resolved:  All requests had permissions granted.
006 - 08 - Cllr AMC clarification required as to tenants numbers out of TNP: Resolved;  No number has been set in the contract, will review if a situation arises that we can not accommodate a local request for a plot.

20/007 To Confirm the Non Confidential Minutes of the meetings held on the 16th March 2020. Proposed by Cllr B Neal as correct , seconded by Cllr D Smith then signed by the chairman.

20/008 Matters arising: NONE

20/009 Chair’s Report:

009 - 01 - Clerk's annual salary increase: Resolved: Due to the pay rates still under discussions with the union DALC has advised to table an interim increase for parish clerk for 2% until settled. Accepted by all.
009 - 02 - Estimates for approval for the woodland area mowing etc: Resolved to use Pugh Lewis and request two cuts.
009 - 03 - Verges were cut 23rd April 17th May 23rd June.
009 - 04 - Informal meetings with B Rust & A Walton re grass on path. 7th May 2020 Spoke with M & M Fry regarding problem tenants are having with the bees - 7th May 2020
009 - 05 - 21st May met with M & M Fry they agreed to try to find alternative site and remove the bees by 18th June 2020 009 - 06 - Allotment agree review – DJN, SJW, BN, AMC, met and worked on the contract in readiness for the July meeting - 18th June 2020
009 - 07 - 07 The chairman met with the clerk to go through the Annual Financial statements in readiness for the meeting.

20/010 Environment

010 - 01 - New web site:- costings were given and usability talked about by out IT adviser the decision to take up the site to replace the old web site due to new regulation coming in in September. Resolved: The councillors agreed the site met all the necessary requirements therefore agreed to move forward with the new site.
010 - 02 - Annual play park inspection is booked and will take place end of August / September 2020.
010 - 03 - Decision to open the play area was taken: Resolved ;  To keep closed until the safety inspection has taken place to ensure there are no safety issues as the park has no been in use for several months. 
010 - 04 - DCC processed the application for hanging baskets eventually. Hope they turn out to be an excellent display the Year we all deserve it.
010 - 05 - The crown lift within the play park is still on the to do list at NEDDC but will not be actioned until the autumn due to birds nesting.
010 - 06 - The hanging basket close to Railway Cottages is getting a little lost in the over growth. Hopefully this will be sorted.

20/011 Clerk’s Report – Correspondence Etc.

011 - 01 Out going  --NEDDC several departments,  Insurance company Zurich, DCC several departments, Woolley Moor Nurse. emails around the Councillors to keep them in the loop, TNPC  Accountant, DALC, Civic Pride,  to name a few.
011 - 02 - Income emails: As Above
011 - 03 - GDPR renewal reminder received: Resolved: payment of £40 paid
011 - 04 - DCC license granted day before they were erected.
011 - 05 - Code of conduct being revised you can action an on line consultation. https://www.local.gov.uk/local-government-association-model-member-code-conduct

20/013 DALC:

013 - 01 – All circulars and updates have been circulated.

20/014 Councilors’ issues:

014 - 01 - NONE

20/015 Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Monday 7th September 2020 at 6:00pm venue to be announced.

20/016 Closure: The meeting closed at 10:15 pm