Temple Normanton Parish Council

Clerk / RFO: Dorothy Neal (01246 850042)


7:00pm 5th July 2021

Minute No 227

21/019 Receive Apologies for Absence:

21/020 Variation of ‘Order of Business':

21/021 Declaration of Members Interest:

Please note:-
A member must ensure that he or she completes the Declaration of Interest form prior to the start of the meeting and indicate to which of the following actions he or she intends to take during consideration of the relevant business:-

(a) To remain present in the meeting during the item,
(b) To leave the meeting during the item,
(c) To make representations on the matter and then leave the meeting prior to the other members considering these and/or making a determination of their chosen outcome of the item.

The Declarations of Interests will be read out from the Declaration Sheet, Members must verbally confirm that it is correct and this confirmation will be entered into the Minutes.
(ii) Wherein a Member completes a DOI form and indicates that he or she intends to follow option (c) as above, such representations must be made under agenda point (a) of the Public Forum.

21/022 Public Forum (10 Minutes)

Please note:-
A period of not more than ten minutes per item will be made available for members of the public and Members of the Council to comment on any matter. Where a Member indicates they have an interest, but wish to make representations regarding the item before leaving the meeting, those representations must be made under item

(a) below. (a) Any Member who has completed a Declaration of Interest form should make representations to the meeting on that matter at this point, and ten minutes for questions, comment and discussion for each individual item of such business will follow.
(b) Should the item regarding which a Member is making representations as above be listed for discussion elsewhere on the Agenda, the Member must declare this and withdraw him or herself from this meeting whilst that Agenda item is under consideration.

Member Co-option

21/023 Councillors NEDDC &  DCC -  None invited.

21/024 Determination of Public Exclusion:

As applicable, at this juncture of the meeting, Members should make a determination whether or not there are any items under PART I of the Agenda that should be considered confidentiality, from which the general public and non-councillors must be excluded. Should the Members decide that exclusion should take place, at this point in the meeting the Members must pass the following resolution, and the following to be read out:
“That in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest that the press and public be temporarily excluded, and therefore they are so instructed to withdraw at this time.”
At the conclusion of the relevant item of business, the Responsible Officer will recall the public to the meeting.

21/025 Planning: None Noted

21/026 Allotments:

01 - Update - position of plots
02 - New contractor for wood-chippings
03 - Review Allotment annual rent for the coming year October 2021/22

21/027 To Confirm the Non Confidential Minutes of the meetings held in May 2021 as a True and Accurate Record.

21/028 Matters arising

21/029 Chair’s Report:

01 - Clerk's annual salary increase: Update Document circulated
02 - Report Update

21/030 Environment

01 - Hanging Basket’s now in place:  Comments please.
02 - Annual safety inspection for play park: Booked through NEDDC
03 - Drug usage on Postmans lane: Reported to police & NEDDC.             
04 - Parliamentary Boundaries review, changes effecting TNPC:  see DALC newsletter July.
05 - General Data Protection Regulation  Annual RENEWAL FEE reminder:
       Request to set up DD – reduction of £5 from annual fee of £40 to £35

21/031 Clerk’s Report – Correspondence Etc.

01 - Outgoing mail / replies: including neighborhood watch and councillors information circulated.
02 - Incoming mail/emails: All addressed .
03 - NEDDC will no longer accept cheque payments.. HSBC has been contacted details to be gone through for way forward at the meeting. To be aware of Security & Fraud.

21/032 Clerk’s Report – Finance:

01 - Monies received:  since the last meeting May  2021
- Payments made since the last meeting May 2021
- TNPC account Balance

21/033 DALC:

015 - 01 – Circulars and notes already circulated: any comments

21/034 Councilors’ issues:

21/035 Next meeting

The next meeting  Bi Monthly Parish Meeting will take place Monday September 6th 2021 (Minute 228 )  Please forward any items for the agenda by 28th Augist.

21/036 Closure: