Do you want faster Fibre Internet available in Temple Normanton?

Currently a company is laying a fibre system through North Wingfield and Holmewood, this is due to terminate on Chesterfield Road somewhere close to the top of the hill heading north down to Birkin Lane.
At this stage, Birkin Lane, Church Lane, Mansfield Road, Springwood Street, Elm Street, Postman's Lane and Corbriggs are NOT Included.

Fibre internet means much faster speeds for streaming and TV that is provided through your internet router, no more interruptions due to slow speeds.

The company laying the service is Full Fibre Ltd,

If you are interested, contact Suzy Cornwell your NEDDC Councillor, stating your name and postcode by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or write to her at:

2014 Mill Lane
S42 6NG

There is no commitment from you, act NOW as Temple Normanton & Corbriggs will not have the option of this service unless you state you might be interested.