The woodland area between the village allotments and Springwood Street is constantly under development to make it a better resource for our community.

Whilst it has always been a beautifully populated area of trees and wild flowers, appreciating it's beauty was often difficult as the paths would become overgrown and often inaccessible.

With Parish Council funding and various grants, a number of permanent pathways throughout the woodland have been created with benches along the way. Many of the available grants for this kind of venture are only available for startup projects and do not contribute to the ongoing maintenance, so due to a lack of funds the woodland area has been neglected in recent years.

A number of residents have taken it upon themselves to rectify the problem and try to restore the area back to a facility that can be enjoyed by residents and dog walkers both young and old. Existing pathways have been cleared and several new 'soft' paths have been created through the woodland and we encourage you to explore the new paths and keep an eye out for the lovely flowers and wildlife. Please tread carefully though as some of the soft paths are a little uneven under foot.